Organizations We Support

SJ Woman's Club members offer a check to HomeFirst

Charitable Giving Requests

portion of SJWC’s annual budget is allocated to charitable giving. Charitable giving requests are evaluated by the Charitable Giving Committee and approved by the SJWC Board of Directors. The deadline for submitting requests for the 2019-2020 fiscal year is November 1, 2019. Anyone can submit a charitable giving request for an organization. Charitable Giving grants are announced in December.

2019-2020 Charitable Giving Donations

During the 2019-2020 fiscal year. San Jose Woman’s Club supported the following organizations with cash donations

  • 13th Street Cat Rescue
  • Breast Cancer Prevention Partners
  • Chicken and Egg Pictures
  • Hope Services
  • ISPF-AAUW of SCCo., Gifts for Teens
  • Front Door Communities
  • Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence
  • Opera San Jose
  • PAWS for SJACS
  • San Jose Day Nursery
  • Sempervirens Fund
  • St. Francis Animal Protection Society
  • Village House

2019-2020 SJSU Scholarships

  • Academic
    • Daniela Araya
    • Jessica Brasil
    • Salma Vizcaya

Low-Cost or No-Cost Venue Rental

As part of its mission to support the community, San Jose Woman’s Club provides in-kind donation of low-cost or no-cost rental of the SJWC Clubhouse to local community and arts groups for fund-raising events, performances and meetings.

  • Airman’s Ball
  • Akbayan Cultural Group
  • Braven
  • Campus Community Association
  • Convey of Hope
  • Horace Mann Neighborhood Association
  • Junior Achievement of Northern California
  • Legacy of Bhagra Dance
  • Lincoln Street Studios
  • Next Door Solutions
  • Playford Ball
  • San Jose Christian School
  • SJSU International Gateways