3-D Laser Scan

San Jose Woman’s Club is honored to be one of the first organizations with a historic building to be documented as part of Pointz Taken’s project to provide a 3-D snapshot of Silicon Valley 2016-2021. Pointz Taken partnered with Notre Dame High School and Faro, the leader in 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology to document the Historic Venue.

Brian Miller, Principal of Pointz Taken, contacted Notre Dame High School and arranged a study program for students enrolled in the Robotics Club, working with them to teach them how to use Faro’s 3-D scanning technology to document the SJWC Venue. It is so fitting that these future leaders help document our past and tell the story of women’s leadership in San Jose that began with the Club in 1894 while using a technology that is still evolving.

Mr. Miller was able to provide the 3-D scan to SJWC at no cost to the Club. He contacted Faro and solicited the donation of their award-winning 3-D scanning technology for the project. This gift to the Club will serve many purposes.

  • First, it is a wonderful tool for sharing our Historic Venue with those who cannot visit in person.
  • Second, it is vital to preserving the building. The 3-D scan reveals issues that might not be visible to naked eye and allows us to address maintenance issues at an early stage.
  • Third, the 3-D scan will provide contractors with vital information about the building, lowering the cost of work to be done on the Venue.
  • Fourth, the scan provides an accurate model of the building, as it was built, in the case of catastrophic damage.
  • Finally, the detailed scan will provide 3-D images of unique hardware and trim in the Venue, should those items need to be repaired or replaced.

Read about the 3-D scanning project in this great article by Gary Singh of Metro.