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SJWC Welcomes Be a Dear and Donate a Brassiere

San Jose Woman’s Club is proud to announce a new Section: Be a Dear and Donate a Brassiere. Help support women in transition and have fun at the same time. They plan to host fun-draisers, help women select bras at bra distribution events and participate in the MOD project (Makeover Day at a local shelter). Their next Section meeting is on Tuesday, August 12, at 7 p.m. in the SJWC Clubhouse. Please come help plan their first fun-filled year at SJWC!

Look for the Be a Dear Collection Box the next time you visit the Clubhouse. For more information, email

And note that, while Be a Dear is new to SJWC, it is not a new group. it was founded in 2009 by Clubmember Eileen Hunter and new Clubmembers Lisa Collins and Beverly Williams. Before joining the SJWC, they have already collected more than 10,000 bras for local charities!

SJWC Needs You

Our landmark Clubhouse needs renovations to ensure it is useful and safe in the coming years. Funds from the rental of the Clubhouse power our charitable giving program, community outreach, and programs for members and friends.

If you have questions, contact SJWC Treasurer Phil Mora at 408-294-6919 or

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Front view of building's architecture.ABOUT US
The San Josť Woman's Club has been a formal organization since 1894, when nine women first gathered to discuss forming an alliance. At that time, women across the nation were forming clubs to study and discuss various topics of importance.

Early meetings were held in member's homes, but by 1902 there were 81 members. The first club home was purchased in 1906 and was located at 43 South 3rd Street in San Josť.

Membership grew; the site for a new clubhouse was purchased and a new building was completed in 1929. The mortgage for this building was satisfied in 1946 and the mortgage was then ceremoniously burned.

In 1986 the building was declared San Josť Landmark #32. The San Josť Woman's Club honored its 100th anniversary with a celebration in 1994, and the organization continues to serve women and the community in the new millennium.

In past decades, the building was available only by the referral of a club member, but today the doors are open to the general public with advance reservation.

Vintage photo of a senior prom. (Bev Blockie)

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