Bloomie Dropper Party

The Bloomie Dropper Project collects at least 1,000 pairs of woman's panties that are be distributed by Home First, an organization that provides housing and services for Santa Clara County's 6,500 homeless.  Panties are one of the least donated and most needed items for homeless women. Such a small item can mean the difference between dignity and shame for a woman who already has a fragile sense of self.

The project’s name is a play on words that nods to San Jose Woman’s Club historic role in women’s rights. Bloomies were popularized by Amelia Bloomer, who advocated them as part of the 19th century women's dress reform movement.

During the Bloomie Dropper Project, members and friends drop new panties at the Clubhouse, or provide a donation that helps purchase panties. The project ends with the Bloomie Dropper Party, a gala evening of cocktails, wine, and live music.

In its inaugural year in 2017, the Bloomie Dropper Project collected 1300 pairs of panties and more than $1,600 in funds for Home First. At the Bloomie Dropper Party, classic rock performed live by Pearl Alley entertained guests, who also enjoyed great wines courtesy of Travieso Winery, Joseph George Wines and Guglielmo Winery, tasty cocktails, and delicious noshes provided by Cafe Stritch.